Friday, November 4, 2011

Where's Late Nite Creature Feature?

Hi folks,

The question posed as the title of this post is one that I'd like to answer.  Our hopes to have a premiere episode online over the Halloween weekend didn't quite come into fruition.  I apologize for anyone looking for that.  To better explain, all I can say is that our production ran into a little bit of a snag, and we've realized that perhaps the pre-production of the series needed a little more time to bake in the proverbial oven.

That being said, I have no intention of this show closing up shop.  We're retooling a little bit, becoming a little more comfortable with the aspects of the production, and looking to figure out cost effective and logical solutions to some of the problems we've had.  I for one have worked too long and too hard to let this just go bye bye.

While I can't definitively say exactly when you can expect episodes to show up online, I can say that the show is still on the way.  We're all hoping to get a first episode online soon.  What does "soon" mean?  Well, let's just say that it's our intention to hit the ground running when we post episodes.  While I can't wait for you to see what we're cooking up, I don't intend on just giving you little servings of Late Nite Creature Feature.  If that means that we don't premiere until the Spring, well, at least you'll know that you can count on a regular schedule of episodes.  We still have 18 episodes planned for this first "season" and that's exactly what we are working on bringing you.

To tie you over until we are able to premiere...  I want to share a picture.  Here is the cast in full getup and makeup!

Also, because I'm wanting to pull in as much interest as possible on top of just giving you an image to look at, here is the spectacular theme for the show by the band Harley Poe.  I think you'll definitely enjoy it and if you haven't heard them before, go to YouTube now and listen to more of their special brand of awesome.
Late Nite Creature Feature Theme by avenger1340

I will be updating you as often as I can.  Until then, look for Late Nite Creature Feature soon and thanks for all your support up to this point!

Your humble host,
Geoff Arbuckle