Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Production Update - June 29, 2011

Good evening...  (Now just imagine that as if Bela Lugosi or Vincent Price said that.)

Just wanted to give you all an update as to what was going on with the pre-production of Late Nite Creature Feature.  We are working hard on costuming and writing, so to say we are out of Development Hell and neck deep in Development would be accurate.  We've been meeting often and the ideas we have, as influenced by the movies we've selected already to show, are truly hilarious.  Our writers cover just about the whole of the comedic spectrum and we're all on the same page as to what we're trying to accomplish to entertain our audience (which hopefully you will be one of them).

With that in mind, the key word we have to focus on is "pre-production".  This is one of the most feared words in any filmed project.  It's a process most of us never had to deal with before, so, therefore, didn't know what it would entail.  As I reported last time, we were still looking for a location.  This past weekend, I was given a possible solution that is truly amazing and would give us so many options that we hadn't thought about before.  The only thing is that we have to delay our filming for a couple months.  That's not detrimental at all because the reason for waiting will definitely be worth it if it all works out!

That means I need to update what the plan will be for episodes.  We will still shoot to premiere in mid October.  My eventual goal would be to debut new episodes on a weekly basis, but that's not a reality at the beginning of the run.  Right now, we're looking at a bi-weekly schedule for new episodes at the most.  As we continue production, that should roll into a weekly schedule down the line.  Still, if all goes the way it appears to be, we'll still get to air two episodes before Halloween which, of course, is prime monster movie time.  So, look for our first episode, The Killer Shrews, and the second, Werewolf of Washington, to premiere in October with more episode announcements to come!

Keep checking back for new  updates as they become available!

Pleasant nightmares and horrible dreams,
Geoff Arbuckle
Your friendly neighborhood Late Nite Creature Feature host 

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