Saturday, May 21, 2011

Upcoming Plans and a Theme Song for the Show

Howdy folks...  We're getting some great ideas flowing on the series so far.  I'm meeting with a couple actors this weekend to bring them up to speed with where we are in the concept and the planning.  This will lead to a larger gathering of the entire crew to put everyone on the same page so we can get to writing our pilot and start cranking these episodes out.  Look for the pilot to premiere in early July.  We will then spend the rest of the summer raising funds and prepping for the regular series to premiere by October (just in time for Halloween!).  I, personally, will be using that time getting things such as a full website up and running, exclusive behind the scenes info and pictures up, and interviews with our cast and crew.

After all...  Why not get to know the people we hope you'll invite into your homes on a regular basis?

For now, I leave you with a taste of our first theme song.  While I can't promise this will be the final version used, I think you'll like as much as I did.

LNCF theme song by shannon-mullins

UPDATE (9/9/2011):  A more appropriate theme song announcement will be coming prior to release of our first episode.  Stay tuned to learn more about that! 

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